initial questions for the dance party people

some initial questions to ask the dance party people for submissions to this site. I'm out of practice with interviews so these might progress as I think of more / get replies

short version :
I'd like to speak with people and record / document their memories about the people, places, music, fashion and other aspects of the community that they can recall. how it started - how it developed - where it is now. those sorts of things. take a look at the sections / lists @ and record any memories about these things, as well as suggestions for these lists on what I've missed or haven't got to yet.


long version :


a lot for helping with the Brisbane Dance Parties Archive project. what I'd like to see initially is a collection of interviews with people who went out - to hear their memories/feelings of back in the day.

I can upload to the site (or u can login and upload too if you prefer/have time). eventually I think it'd be good to make a book - perhaps a collection of zines to start with as well as the site. videos & audio interviews would be good too (though these take longer to transcribe)

when u think about it, we were at the start of a new 'movement' so I think in future people might want to find out what it was like, and I don't know about you but my memory seems to be fading these days :)

you can write whatever you would like to submit - no length limits either, but if you prefer a question / answer based interview, here's some questions. (work in progress & this could be an iterative process as I might ask more once I read the replies)

in particular I'm after info from 1987 -> 2001, though post 2001 -> current is ok too.

>> when did you start going out to Brisbane dance parties?

>> do you remember / can you list some of the clubs and parties? maybe there's a (or multiple) particular event/club you remember?

>> and what are your memories of those days? and feelings?

>> did you have any favourite parties? djs? music styles?

>> how often did you tend to go out?

>> I remember in the early days going out seemed to take up most of my out-of-work time. for example, we went out 3-6 nights a week. spent time preparing what to wear - either shopping or making an outfit or accessory. then going shopping for music and listening to radio prior to going out to a house party, club or dance party. were your experiences similar & can you share some? or tell us what your weekly routine was if you had one?

>> what are your thoughts on the local djs / bands compared to the international & interstate guest djs/bands

>> any overseas experiences / comparisons you'd like to tell us?

>> did you ever have a stage of taking a break and not going out for a while, then coming back to it later (I did this - had a couple of breaks when it didn't seem as fresh)

>> did you keep your flyers, posters, tickets, & take photos? (I wish I had)

>> how do you think the Brisbane dance community has changed over the years?

>> any regrets? or things you wish you'd done differently? eg I wish I'd spoken to more people & not been as shy/quiet and taken more photos back then!

>> was this an important / influential time in your life and if so how? did it help shape the person you are today? or have those experiences helped you in later life these days?

>> do you think it was an important time? did we change the world in any way? postive/negative.

>> what about the friendships formed back then? have you kept in touch with people? I remember meeting people each night and being best friends for a few weeks/some years. and I recognised more faces when I went out even if I didn't know the person's name. it was a friendly time where it was easy to talk to people.

>> for me, it felt like a safe time and I felt safe at the places I went to, even though other non-dance friends wouldn't go to some areas of the city/valley where the parties were held. (not sure why!) I didn't get hassled by guys in the clubs and I could just go out by myself or with friends or meet up with people and know I'd see people I knew, or knew of when I arrived. any comments/experiences along these lines you'd like to share?

>> why did you go out? was it the music? the people? the places? the community? all of these things? something else?

>> what is it about electronic music that keeps a hold on you?

>> are you still going out / involved with the music community?

>> are you still listening to the music? even if a different genre? have your music tastes changed a lot / widend?

>> and if you had to sum up your experiences in Brisbane dance parties community how would you describe it?

>> and can you share some info about your djing experiences (if not already above)

>> is there anything else you'd like to mention?

>> are you still going out? regularly or occasionally? and comments about this.

>> is there anyone you'd like to hear about their experiences? let me know who else I should be asking / new sections not already on the site if not already covered

>> the dance & hip hop community has lost a few of it's favourite & most prominent members recently - DJ Angus / DJ Bribe, MC Sabre, DJ Dufty, Michael Jordan. I think it would be good to have sections on them. do you have any stories/input about these people that you'd like to/be able to contribute?

>> DJs/bands/promoters/industry section (though anyone is welcome to answer these) :
>> you'd have a lot of different experiences to those I had as a punter. any stories / memories not already mentioned that you'd like to share?

>> what made you start DJing/creating music/promoting gigs/working in the industry? and what's kept you doing it? what is it about the music & the community that keeps your attention?

>> did you ever think when you were a kid that you'd be writing music/performing/working with music/in the music industry or was it something that fell into place once you'd been exposed to it?

>> and if you have a biography/profile can you send it to me so I can post it to the site & to too

>> what name would you like me to use when posting this to the site? (eg real name/alias/dj name) and any contact details (they'll be published on internet so nothing private). pls mention your website url if you have one

take your time & skip anything u don't want to answer.
thanks a lot!


below is the email I've started sending out to people to ask if they'd be interested in contributing stories/memories :

I've been meaning to talk to you about a project I'm working on. it's called Brisbane Dance Parties Archive : - hoping to capture /
document some of the memories and information about the early days in brisbance dance 'scene'. I started the site a few years back whilst overseas and homesick, so there's only very sporadic info there so far. there's a few facebook groups these days where people have been posting flyers/photos & making comments. the National Australia Library PANDORA project have agreed to archive it too @ (they're after dance sites for their collection)

I think it'd be good to do a book of interviews/stories from different people as well as the site - perhaps a collection of zines to start with. maybe video / audio too at some stage.

would you be interested in contributing your thoughts?

I'm still thinking of questions - and this might be an iterative/work in progress but I have some initial questions here:
otherwise I can call / email for a chat sometime if that's easier (though it takes me longer to transcribe).

I hope all is well!