Vision Four 5 - myspace biography

Vision Four 5 - myspace biography

About Vision Four 5

Vision Four 5 In 1990, "Vision Four 5" was formed as a live dance music act that challenged the perception of what live music could be, with interactive video technology and immersive live performances. The line up changed through the first few years to settle from 1993-1997 with members Noel Burgess (Music), Tim Gruchy (Video/Interactives), Ben Suthers (Music) and Al Ferguson (Video/Animation).

In this time Vision Four 5 produced 2 albums, Texture (1993) and Humid (1995) and numerous singles on Volition Records/Sony Music They toured Australia constantly playing Big Day Out, raves and clubs and remixed many other artists.

The rave hit "everything you need" was one of the highest selling Australian 12" singles and the more radio friendly "Funkify Yourself" crossed over to become both a club and national radio hit.

The Vision Four 5 live performance incorporated a Mandala interactive system to utilize movement in the stage "control zone" to maniplulate any aspect of video processing, animation or the music as well as live camera’s and a full state-of-the-art music studio onstage. The result was a truly unique, immersive and synchronous experience.

All of the members of the band have pursued their specialist field since 1997 and live/work in various parts of the globe.

The band released 2 albums, "Texture" (1993) and "Humid" (1995) which generated the singles and 12": Ritual of Love (3 mixes) Everything You Need (3 mixes) Funkify Yourself (4 mixes) Mrs Hume Goes Dancing (2 mixes) Purple Lamp (6 mixes)

On October 4 2008, Ben and Noel are bringing back the music of Vision Four 5 for "Back Again" at THe Metro Sydney to remind audiences that Vision Four 5 is "Everything You Need"

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