Vision Four 5 - 2002 biography

Vision Four 5 - 03/10/2002 biography

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VISION FOUR 5 - a live music experience at the edge of physical

VISION FOUR 5 - an interactive, multiple media dance music maelstrom.
This summer VISION FOUR 5 is reinvented and reinvigorated to electrify
major Raves, Dance Party venues and events. Utilising the latest in
digital video and audio technology, VISION FOUR 5 once again creates a
totally unique audio-visual environment.

VISION FOUR 5 "the live show" consists of Noel Burgess composing and
producing the music and Mike Crane designing and creating the visual
stimuli. VISION FOUR 5 utilises real time interactive interfaces to
control and manipulate the video and audio and truly push the limits of
today’s technology to provide a total sensory experience.

VISION FOUR 5 emerged in the early 90’s and evolved as a crucial
participant in the evolution of dance music culture in Australia. VISION
FOUR 5 has released two full length albums, "Texture" and "Humid", with
seven singles; Deep Fantasy, Cyberphobia, Ritual of Love, Everything You
Need, Funkify Yourself (+ Remixes) and Purple Lamp. VISION FOUR 5 has
also remixed artists such as Severed Heads, Itchie & Scratchie, Boxcar,
Southend, Infusion, Josh Abrahams and the list continues to grow......

VISION FOUR 5 has re-emerged to answer the call of the ever burgeoning
dance music culture with a fresh live show and the upcoming single
“SILVER STARS (BURN)” scheduled for release late in 2002 through
Warner Music imprint – Higher Sound/Kompaktor records.

VISION FOUR 5 live is more than just a time or place, more than just
what you see or hear - it is emergent behavior, "WHAT IS GOING TO
HAPPEN NEXT?" - Constantly redefining the boundaries of live
performance, VISION FOUR 5 seeks to push the envelope of technology,
to increase the immediacy, energy and intensity of the experience.

Now more than ever VISION FOUR 5 is Everything You Need!

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