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The Transmission Communications / Trans:Com label published newsletters called "T" from 1994 to 2006 (& possibly longer - I only have them up to 2006). These newsletters are a great insight into the label and bands released on the label as well as commentary about the Brisbane community in general - different styles are mentioned from experimental, electronic, techno, industrial & more.


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info about the label from the trans:com site :

About Trans:Com

Transmission Communications (Trans:Com) is an independent record label based in Brisbane, Australia. The label focusses on production and performance of music within the spectrum of electronic influence; including techno, industrial, synth-pop, experimental, and all manner of crossovers. The label holds a unique position within Australia, being the only one of its kind north of Sydney, and one of very few in the country active in the genre.

Trans:Com is not a major, it is not a large company, it's a business run by individuals with a passion for electronic music. The label was formed to activate and support a completely new sector of music production and performance in a city previously known only for its quirky guitar-pop, grunge, and rock output. Brisbane has a very healthy dance music scene with several important clubs, DJ's, and a string of successful dance parties. Combined with the work of Transmission Communications, the city has developed into a new center for electronic-music activity in the country.

The label has released several critically acclaimed compilations of Australian electronic music along with several individual projects, provided the platform for numerous bands and artists to commence their careers, marshalled the development of Brisbane as the new Australian centre for electronic music production and performance, and supported the ideology and design ethics of independence, art and alternative media.

If you have a killer demo, or are simply fooling around with your stack of analogue keyboards, samplers, bits of wire, and associated equipment, we'd love to hear (from) you. Actually, we like to chat about most things...

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For information on (or for) Transmission Communications, please phone us on +61-7-3846-5405 (int) 07-3846-5405 (loc), or send snail-mail to Post Office Box 6291, Fairfield Gardens, Queensland 4103, Australia

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