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We turn 15 this year, having ereleased the Evidence CD in 1994 - and have something special planned for later this year. Watch our space.

We've got a few new releases up on iTunes, including the Pure Bunk back catalogue, the Sphere back catalogue, a new release from Inertia (now known as Projekt Inertia), Victor Xray, Alieonix, Squelch, Low Key Operations, and more. We've got more planned shortly including Blood Party, The Isle, etc. Fun to be had.

We've created a Picasa Web album featuring all sorts of pix and paraphernalia from 15 years of Brisbane Electronic action. If you have related imagery, we'd love to receive and add it to the collection. Check out and get in touch.

For all this, head over to our home page at and you should also join our Yahoo group ( so you're up to date.

Lots of love
Trans:Com of Brisbane