thoughts over coffee

not in any order..

site features:
- projects and issues module - to track todo items and research items
- calendar - hopefully the new version of drupal will have an updated calendar module with more features such as recurring events

- pdf files of street press or online search of street press. does this exist? would they be interested in sending back issues to be converted to pdf and used as source material? check dates for which would be relevant
- could send these to libraries or for archival purposes also if they are interested
- research area with techniques, metadata, sources, bibliography/references
- interviews - audio &/or video
- irc / online chat logs / msn chats for information gathering
- timeline - of clubs/events
- list of names / venues etc
- setup categories & use the categories on the fly module
- there was around 300 people going out regularly - how many of these can be reached. email? foaf? this number increased of course as years went by.

- djs
- music artists
- promoters
- backstage event people / audio engineers
- promotions / publicity
- journos
- party people
- ex channel 7 studio crew
- margy's ex (sydney)
- deanne, russel, janette, david, ray, rhonda, kris, outlook, noel, ben..

- email
- phone
- online / irc / msn etc
- notices in street press, websites, newspapers?

- new info
- old info

has this already been done!! need to research more to check

- check if existing studies done
- street press
- libraries
- online archives
- email lists
- flyers
- extexts from libraries (qld & australia) for existing studies/papers
- make list of libraries / sources
- newspapers
- magazines
- publications section of site : document & sources
- websites
- journals and publications
- create a story for each site (for referencing purposes), then add notes. applu categories to sort information