some names

I've been trying to remember some of the names of people who went out. I don't think I knew all their last names and some I knew of or only met once but used to see them out and others are just names I remember from then. I was very quiet back then and often went out and didn't talk to many people, though there was always someone I knew out. some names crossed over into multiple periods / clubs

people from school. kathy (me/kath) tolli h, kirsten m, carolyn h, jeanine h, rachel h, mark, charlie, jason? (dj), deanne searle (later flatmate), matthew (curly blonde dancer)(later I met his friend Stuart at work and he worked at cosmos cafe in late 90s - they went to transformers too)

rumours / lqs
margy's friend from school tamara

transformers / lqs / euphoria???
people from work. margy. her friends. dave (art dept), the cameramen - matthew hill (?), murray foote, andrew may, their girlfriends, paul doyle (?)

alarm / gogos / beat / site
mark (margy's ex), lisa (I think she later married mark - at least they lived together last I heard), rhonda, kris, michelle, gavin, noel, ben, ric, greg, cheryl, linda, melinda, rebecca, david guatta (salo), troy (barking boy), matt kitshon, mark & darren brias, tim gruchy, boxcar, neriman, jules, chyrelle, brian, glenn, trajce, stephen (sabre), katch, trajce & stephen's neighbour tim, stephen joule (school), tasma statnikas (school), angus, edwin, kesson, dj k-tel /mc control ? (I forget his name @ beat), david kennedy (made those cool clothes, I think he lives near byron now? saw him at an acidisco at zen warehouse years later), david & ray (I think I remember them from here, but later flatmate & mates in mid 90s after deanne was flatmate), trevor, captain / jason (rip), rajohn, lisa (noel's friend).

mid 90s
deanne, david, ray, darren (dmg) - I remember meeting him once mid 90s when deanne was flatmate, then later in late 90s, dufty, michael watt, jason reed, jeanette & russell (since split up), theif (nice pizzas), sameer, jamie, ange

late 90s - 2000s
tabetha, kim, chris tisdell, tim (tolli), helen (polecat), spraci people, dave & valli, steve, itm people. heaps more here...

wow, amazing how many names you forget! I wish I'd taken more photos back then. I'll add more soon