DJ Jen E - Central Station Records 2005 profile

DJ Jen E - Central Station Records 2005 profile

If there was one DJ's name that is (unanimously) synonymous with Brisbane's club and party scene's fondest memories, it would have to be none other than the lady herself: Jen E.

It would be an understatement to call her a pioneer of her field when you consider that it was almost a decade ago that she began her hair brained scheme to become ... "What? A DJ??"

After her first gig, which was one of the infamous Adrenalin parties in 1992, she has gone on to feature on most major party line-ups, not only in her home town, but also Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Cairns ... the list goes on. One of the highlights without a doubt would be her appearances at The Big Day Out's Boiler Room. She has had numerous residencies, which have included the Gold Coast as well as Brisbane. DJing led her to utilise her talents in writing by contributing to Brisbane's Scene Magazine, interviewing countless international and Australian artists; and radio with her residency on Brisbane's longest running and most respected programme "Crucial Cutz" on 4ZZZ.

She has also dabbled in production, her first outing being a remix of Brissy band Base X's track "Kaleidoscope", followed by a track with beXta, "Close Encounters", which was included on the compilation "DJ Beats 2". Most recently she produced "Cities That I've Downlaid" with DJ Edwin, which is featured on the first "Adven'jah" CD compilation.

DJ Jen E has made herself the darling of the Brisbane dance scene (proven by being voted No. 1 Favourite DJ in a poll run by The Tube nightclub), due to her attitude, and the sincerity which goes into each set. "It's not like I think 'what will I play to the crowd', it's weird cause I used to be on that dance floor every weekend too at 'The Beat', so when I play it's more 'so, what do we want to hear now?'