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DJ Golde 2001 biography for briz:b:e:a:t:s show on 11/03/2001

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With ten years experience in the Dance Community, is no wonder DJ Golde is a name synomonous around Brisbane. From his early beginnings as a humble doorman at one of the early nineties clubbing institutions, "The Site", he has fast become one of the most well known and respected DJ's around town. With his general interest in the scene secure, Golde's involvement extended to achievements including coordinating the security for "Strawberry Fields", Australia's largest outdoor Dance event and various NASA and Adrenalins events.

Witnessing local DJ's such as Angus, Barking Boy and Edwin convinced Golde to acquire the basics to mixing and create a style of his own.

It wasn't until 1995 that he finally fulfilled his ambition,
persevering with the negatives and played his first DJ set at a self-promoted party alongside friend DJ Hurricane.

In 1996 DJ Golde injected Brisbane with his unique style, promoting his first recovery, "The Next Dimension". This annual party attracted over five hundred clubbers, and showcased some of Brisbane's best local DJ's and Live Acts. With his first success he continued the party "The Second Dimension" and "Third and Final Dimension". Over the next few years these events grew to a regular dayclub, "Magic Sunday's". Teaming with fellow DJ and long time friend DJ Theory Z, "Magic Sundays, became a weekly club designed entirely for clubbers who were in need for extra activities, in a relaxed atmosphere, when the club's closed. The pair also established a long time relationship with Red Bull Energy drink, which sponsored many of their events.

More recently Golde has had a hand in some of the finest party's held at Technomad, including, Gatecrasher 2000, Cream 200, Paul Van Dyk, Jeremy Healy, Satoshi Tommie, Pee Wee Ferris, Paul Holden and Bexta.

His passion to give opportunity's where possible, saw him host and Co-ordinate a weekly DJ Competition at the club. Over 50 "wanna be" DJ's had the chance to win a Numark mixer valued at $1300 and a 12-month residency at "Technomad". His involvement in the competition helped with the discovery of some of Brisbane's best-unknown talent.

Apart from his own ventures DJ Golde held a swag of residences and guest spots around town. His guest spots at weekly club
night "Addictive" at the infamous and now defunct club "The Tube", saw him secure a residency there. It was here he layed the foundations for his career.

With a love of uplifting vocal house and garage, Golde had the
opportunity of playing alongside friends DJ Rousy, DJ Gracie and
Andreas at the intimate bar Jameson's.

At the same time he opted for a late shift at the newly refurbished Hard House Club in the Valley, "RG's" Dance Bar. It was here his talent was discovered and was approached to become a resident at a new dayclub, "Morning Glory". His busy work schedule helped him establish a profile second to none. DJ Golde was recently a permanent resident at "Technomad" playing four nights a week. His versatility was an asset to the club, playing everything from House, Hard House, Progressive, Club and Trance. Once a month, DJ Barking Boy and himself hosted the clubs under 18's parties. They believed the education of dance music for the masses begins there. He also regularly guests spots at party's and club's in Noosa and the Gold Coast. Golde recently played at The Gathering New Years 2001 festival in New Zealand.

DJ Golde has also hosted his own radio show on Wild FM97.3 (Brisbane's only dance station) in 1999-2000, Sun Morn recovery 5-8am. This experience was his introduction to live broadcasting, to which he now regularly broadcast's himself over the Internet and various other radio stations. Wild FM's last broadcast gave Golde the opportunity to play to a wider range of audiences, guesting their mixup sessions on Mon and Tues nights.

With his Tube gig, early in 1999 he had the opportunity to open the country's only record bar in a club. Filling a void in Brisbane's dance scene "Essence Records" was a specialised store, dealing in second hand and new release vinyl.

Golde handled all stock control, ordering, staff and general store duties. Unfortunately the clubs closure saw the end for Essence.

DJ Golde has had the opportunity to play alongside some of the worlds best DJ's.

Gatecrasher 2000 Matt Hardwick, Scott Bond (UK)
Cream 2000 Paul Bleasdale (UK)
Paul Van Dyk (Ger) DJ Heaven (UK)
Jeremy Healy(UK)
Seb Fontaine (UK) Misjah (Ger)
Junior Cartier (UK) Christian Smith(Ger)
Satoshie Tomie (Jap)
Chris Leibing (Ger) DJ Predator(Holl)
DJ Tellurian(HOLL)
Tom & JO (Fog Area Records-Ger) DJ Jean (Holl)
Klubheads DJ Tizer(IRE)
DJ Wayne G (UK)
DJ Marcus J(UK) Ian Pooley

PeeWee Ferris Bexta Nick Fish
Jumping Jack Aapogee Richie Rich
Chris Fresh Mark Dynamix Sugar Ray
Phill Smart Johnny Gleeson Sean Quinn
Groove Terminator Abel El Toro Grant Truslove
Paul Holden F.I.S.T Endorphin
Fat Dex GT (Live)

Barking Boy Jen E Edwin
Chris Tisdell Rousy Delicious
Darren Brias Mark Brias Hurricane
Theif Freestyle Angus
Hakka Cosmo Paul J
Theory Z Gracie Peter Mogg
Ricemeister BJ Tsunami
Justice Brian Lovegrove Neroli
Shredlock B Boy Seiz Keiron C
Zephyr Timbre Tim Aquilina Mcno3
Static and Lincoln Matt Kitshon Adrian Aiken
Karma Chicko Advance

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