DJ Angus - 1997 Substance Magazine profile

from Substance Magazine's 1997 Brisbane article

If you haven't heard of DJ Angus, the scratchmaster from Brisbane, then you've either been into Rock 'n Roll for the past eight years, or you've just hit legal age. Aside from being well respected for his mixing abilities, such is the class of Angus' scratching skills that they've captured the likes of John Digweed latest venture 'Intoxication' on Jackpot Records, a track which debuted at no. 1 in Mixmag. It's doing well across Australia at the moment as Digweed and Angus remain in close association with future production ventures on the horizon.

Angus' is currently resident at The Tube Nightclub, playing kickin' Hard House on Fridays @ Cheeky and Saturdays @ S.L.A.M.. You can also catch him on 4ZZZ's Crucial Cutz on Saturday evenings.

text - Troy Linthorne, Peter Maltman, Michael Watt, Tori Grice

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