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Posted by andyetea on Tuesday, 24th December 2002 2:44 AM

Hey, anyone remember the morning of "ARGON ONE?"

A micro story: Winged Keys had to be 'eaten' - security warnings at the door, huge crowd for a WAREHOUSE RAVE, I think it was one of Brisbane's first. Talking 'head' at the enterence and full body check, spun people that 'type' of security did not exist in 1992, got in everytihng 'melded' on, lightless 'porta - loos' bad on Keys but also FUNNY, danced walked around....??????? ummmm.....went to friend's unit, had a glowing sand - witch, fell off chairs, took a taxi back o the morning of ARGON ONE again, past cemetery - ghosts rise out of graves.......and fake bodies hug taxi.........reached 'sanity' - only to hear 'mikes' being BANGED and CRUNCHED and screamed through..........danced some more..........and talked..........(at that time in 'RAVE HISTORY' persons felt 'it was like a SYDNEY RAVE.......had some easter eggs and chilled with SATAN........

Anyone who has any flicks or stories about ARGON ONE please EMAIL me at: -



Re: Morning ARGON ONE

Posted by AliaK on Tuesday, 24th December 2002 10:24 AM

heya AndyTea, one question: how do u remember all these parties! I was probably at it cos I used to goto all that I heard about but they've all blurred into one now and I don't remember which one was which or the names (mum threw out my box of flyers from those days years ago - nice one!) the only pics I have were from a sydney new years trip in 91 or 92 I think it was where prodigy and vision four 5 played the hordern pavillion. I remember snippets like out of a dream but mostly just remember the way the parties made me feel not the details..

the only one I can remember clearly was one at metropolis a few years later (not really sure when it was) where sexing the cherry was playing and I was watching from behind and under the stairs. I can still clearly remember thinking edwin was an aboriginal woman wearing this big cloak/kaftan typr thing in the middle of a corroborree (sp?) - the smoke from the smoke machine was sitting about half a meter on the floor and looked like mist rising, then someone started playing the digeredoo (they really did!) and people were stomping the ground (jsut like in a corroborree) in front of me causing the mist to rise in little wafts. it looked all very tribal at the time. ;) I remember having a great night at the time but afterwards thought that it wasn't probably very good for me to be sitting under the stairs in the dark not being able to move more than my head all night.. (suffice to say it was the last time I experimented with acid, though strange that they are only the few nights I can still remember parts clearly)

the other parties I just remember being in some venues or warehouses and lots of bright colours but I couldn't say which party was which.. I just remember the list of regular clubs we used to hang out at, though even that's getting blurry these days. that's why I like to take pics these days so I can remember more later but I wish I'd done that years ago as they're the ones I'd love to be able to remember cos they were all fresh and new to me etc