Adrenalene 1996

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Adrenalene 1996

An all-female main room lineup.

Adrenalin and The Peoples Front [present]
Adrenalene — All girl DJ action

Room 1: Sally Sounds / Bubblegum Crisis, Jade, Jen:E, D Bass, Vanessa / Secret Agent Orange, Angie, Yvette, Neroli

Room 2: Mach5, Edwin, Angus, Thief, Paul J, Hurricane, Sonik

Room 3: Jayson, Les Smith, Tulip, Pete T, Sennard, Gracie

Jandy Rainbow, Bexta, Madjik Qube, Annette C Quinn, Dotti
Nexus/E, Visual Hardware, Girls Go Sic/Art for the Masses

Date: 04 May 1996
Venue: the Roxy, 210 Brunswick St, Valley
Time: 9pm - 6am
Admission: $20 + bf
Adults Only

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Sat, 1996-05-04 21:00
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