4ZzZfm Market Day archive page

4ZzZfm Market day archive page

4ZzZfm Market Day 2008 - no Market Day held in 2008

4ZzZfm Market Day 2007 - no Markey Day held in 2007

Market Day 2002 Bananageddon
Market Day 2002 was held on October 26th at Davies Park in West End.

The artists that played on the day were:

Zed main stage
After a traditional opening ceremony

the KT26ers, Doch, Japunga, the Aampirellas, Rival Flight, Women in Docs, Furious Turtles, Vicious, Further, Mess Hall, Brides of Frank, Sekiden, Anubian Lights, Celibate Rifles, Sixfthick, Ed Kuepper, Spiderbait

All star tattoo stage
the Vagrants, Dr Octopus, New Settlement Rogue, Mouthguard, King Mungi, Sakkuth, Gazoonga Attack, the Disables, Post Life Disorder, the Quickening, Conation

Doof tent
Paul Abad, Emetic, Collapsicon, Symbiotek, Klika, Team Plastique, Kid Kay Ferris, Aniki, Original Drum Click, Bubble and Squeak, the Nam Shub of Enki, Mark N (Bloody Fist Records)

Groove inn
Briztronix, Smear, Trinkets, Butterfingers, Freaky Lou, Ponyloaf, the Badnitz, Brothers Stoney, Combat Wombat, Das Rumpus, Promiscuous

Double banana split stage
Cherry Cherry and the Export Data, Lancaster, Hekawis, Shuriken, 21 Dub Street, Dollar Bar, Turnpike, Casionova, Mutiny, Knaw, John Lee Spider, Devolved, Giants of Science, Sea Life Park, Denvar, Full Fathom Five, Shapeshifter, Blowhard

Acoustic lounge
Beth Incognito, Freckle, Alf, Brindle, Asa Broomhall, Buzz in Fusion, Steve Towson, Tuffnel, Tylea, Ant McKenna, Tully & Anthony, Gorgeous, Mbira Soul Music

Market Day 2000 Return Of The Living Zed