initial post - project ramblings

well, the site has been uploaded and is in it's initial stages. I'm planning on using the blog section as a running account of how the project is progressing and as a method of documenting the documentation process as a whole. though I suspect it will turn into a stream of conciousness of thoughts as well, hopefully not too rambling. I'm enrolled in a Bachelors of Internet Communication course (external) which is starting in Feb/March - this will be interesting to see how I go with studying from overseas, but I'm hoping this documentation project might keep me focused and on track, and perhaps one day it might be used as part of my course, either officially or unofficially. even the process of documentation should raise some issues with regards to studying and the best methods to use. the empyre list is discussing archiving websites this month so this is also a timely issue.

list of things to do in the initial stages:
- set up the structure of the site in a slightly more logical manner
- create help information and templates to assist people in posting their stories
- setup a contacts section so I can keep track of who's been contacted
- start emailing people who I know who used to go out and see if they would be interested in sharing their memories

I'm currently in Seoul - leaving tomorrow so will be offline for a couple of days, but hopefully I'll have a couple of these items started prior to then. one of the issues which I'm going to face is how to contact people if they do not have email, and if they prefer to talk about their memories rather than write them. I think my phone bill is going to take a beating! I'll try to encourage people who might have skype or similar online phone systems, otherwise I might have to find out more about phoning over the internet for free - skypeout can call regular phones as well as other skype systems but you still have to pay. I'll have to see how the costs go - it might not be too expensive after all once the project is rolling along.

perhaps people are not interested in sharing their stories or remembering! we shall see..

anyway, time for some food and more thoughts.